Summer Portfolio Intensive Training
大學作品密集加強班 6/13 - 8/12/2018 (9 weeks)
暑期課程現已接受報名, 每堂人數名額有限.
Registration is now open for a limited amount of spaces per class.

大學作品密集加強班內容針對高中和大學生申請名校大學, 課程包括各種設計專業, 名師教學, 並興電影特效創意美術指導顧問諮詢, 激發創意能力.
University portfolio preparation, "Summer Intensive Training", for high school and college students includes an in-depth design education from professional teachers and exclusive creative consulting from visual effects art director.

Wednesday - Friday
星期三 - 星期五
2:00pm - 5:00pm
Summer program is now open for enrollment. Please contact us for more information.
Phone: 626-538-2668 / 626-820-9618
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